Commercial Property

Property is often one of the largest assets in a business, requiring significant capital investment. The ownership and development of property are therefore important issues that a business needs to consider in relation to its strategy and financial planning.

Our solicitors can provide assistance to businesses within the following areas.

   Buying and Selling Commercial Premises

Our solicitors can handle the legal process of buying and selling all types of commercial property, including offices, shops, warehouses, factories and industrial estates, helping you to manage the transfer of your assets and incorporate the sale or acquisition into your business plan.

   Commercial Tenancy

Leasing a property is a useful option for businesses who do not want to invest large amounts of capital or a good alternative source of revenue for businesses with spare capacity. We have experience in drafting tenancy agreements and commercial leases, and can advise you about the aspects of leasing a property that you will need to consider.

   Land Acquisition

Our solicitors can advise about the land acquisition options available to suit your business requirements, and handle the legal process of purchasing land for your use or development.

   Planning and Development

Planning and development of land or property is a significant undertaking for any business and can require considerable investment of both time and money.  Our solicitors can assist you with all the legal stages, including obtaining planning permission, drafting contracts with developers and ensuring that all the legal requirements of the development are met.

   Land and Property Disputes

There are many disputes that can arise relating to land and property, such as objections to proposed development plans, disagreements between landlords and tenants, or a breakdown in communication during a property acquisition. Our solicitors can help you to resolve the dispute, helping to protect your business interests and limiting any potential losses. 

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