Debt Recovery

Outstanding debt can have a significant impact on a business, and can be difficult to recover from parties who are unwilling or unable to pay. Our solicitors can advise businesses in all industries on how to recover small or large debts, and the legal action that can be taken against debtors. We currently provide services in the following areas.

 Unpaid Invoices

Debt resulting from unpaid invoices can be time consuming to deal with and cause significant cash flow problems, particularly for small businesses. Our solicitors can advise you about the most effective course of action to take, to maximise the debt recovered within the quickest time frame.

 Issue of Court Proceedings

We always aim to recover outstanding debts at an early stage by resolving disputes and negotiating a reasonable solution for both parties.  However, if litigation is necessary, we can advise you on the legal options available to you, and represent you throughout the court process.


When a judgement has been obtained, we can help you to trace individuals or assets in order to ensure that the judgement is enforced and the agreed debt is repaid. If a debtor still refuses to pay, we can advise you on the further action that can be taken.

 Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We can help you to issue bankruptcy proceedings against an individual, or advise you of the procedure for winding up a company that is insolvent.

 Credit Control

Our solicitors can advise you on effective credit control systems to use in order to ensure that your business does not become illiquid as a result of providing credit or lending to customers who are unable to pay within your specified terms. If your existing credit control system is ineffective, we can also review each case of outstanding debt and recommend a course of action for recovery.

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