Conveyancing Lawyers – how to get the best lawyer for your property sale or purchase

Conveyancing lawyers have a nasty reputation for being slow and uncommunicative. Conveyancing lawyers also have a bad reputation for not always being qualified. When it comes to house conveyancing, nothing could be more stressful than having the wrong lawyer on your team.

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Conveyancing Lawyers – the good, the bad and the unqualified.

It’s a strange fact of life that when it comes to buying and selling houses, conveyancing lawyers are paid significantly less than estate agents. This is bad enough but when estate agents start recommending unqualified conveyancing lawyers to their clients the situation can only get worse.

Fully qualified conveyancing lawyers will probably cost you less than the new curtains you put up in the lounge so using an unqualified lawyer and risking losing your property sale for the sake of £50 makes no sense at all. Choose wisely and the chances of a deal falling apart will be greatly reduced.

If you’re searching for conveyancing lawyers in Berkshire, Ascot Lawyers are a fully qualified team of property conveyancing specialists right on your door step.

Conveyancing Lawyers in Berkshire – why use us?

Ascot lawyers are a unique property conveyancing firm in the heart of Ascot and we offer a quite unique service for our clients:

1. We are open Saturdays. We don’t know any other conveyancing lawyer that offers this service. It means you can visit us without having to take time off work.

2. Your personal lawyer is always on the end of a phone. No talking to unqualified juniors or receptionists. You can speak to YOUR lawyer directly.

3. We are all local lawyers and we know this area extremely well. We have many years of experience and offer a range of solicitors so you can choice someone that suits your requirements.

4. We are extremely cost effective. When you are buying or selling a property price and speed are everything – but you need a both. An unqualified “cheap” property lawyer could end up costing you an absolute fortune.

5. We are nice people to deal with. We own property in this area ourselves and we know how stressful it can be if your conveyancing lawyer isn’t “on side”.

6. Most conveyancing lawyers are renowned for leaving to rot in the bottom of a filing tray. Action only ever seems to happen when you phone to complain. At Ascot Lawyers we take pride in making sure that every property transaction goes through at a pace to suit you and we are the only conveyancing lawyers we know that keep you informed every step of the way. That’s why over 90% of our work is through recommendation.

Conveyancing lawyers for Ascot, Windsor, Maidenhead, Eton, Sunningdale, Bracknell, Bagshot and surrounding areas

If you’re searching for conveyancing lawyers in the Berkshire area we can help. Ascot Lawyers have a specialist team of property conveyancing Lawyers that specialise in making sure your property sale or purchase is stress free. All of our lawyers live in Berkshire themselves so we know this market extremely well so you’re in good hands.

If you’re looking for fully qualified conveyancing lawyers in Ascot, Windsor, Eton, Bagshot, Camberley, Miadenhead, Bracknell, Sunningdale and Sunninghill – give Ascot Lawyers a call today on 01344 512370 0r email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..