Bicycle Accident Claims

At Ascot Lawyers we recognise the dangers that are presented to cyclists every day and on every journey.

Whether it is the daily commute to and from work, out with family and friends, on a training ride or just for some fresh air, we pride ourselves on understanding the constant awareness and vigilance required by cyclists.

Whether the danger posed is from car drivers, van drivers, potholes or pedestrians, we understand that cyclists are as important a road user as any other and should be fully supported and represented by specialists.

We understand that repairing or replacing your damaged bicycle will be of the utmost importance to you.  We will liaise with the offending party’s insurers so as to secure an interim payment for your repairs or replacement bicycle as soon as possible.

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When you are represented by Ascot Lawyers we will ensure that our priority is your priority, returning you to riding your bicycle at the earliest opportunity.

We will seek to recover the cost of a replacement crash helmet and all other damaged clothing and personal effects that were damaged as a result of the accident.

We will seek specialist medical evidence to support your injuries and we will include a claim for loss of earnings where applicable.

At Ascot Lawyers we understand that it is our role to ensure that the level of compensation recovered meets all your physical, mental and future needs.

When can I make a claim?

  • If you have been the victim of an accident caused by a negligent road user, you are entitled to make a claim.
  • The negligent road user could be a car or van driver, a lorry or bus driver.
  • If the actions of the negligent road user result in you coming off your bicycle but do not involve an impact between your bicycle and their vehicle, you are entitled to make a claim for negligent action.
  • If you have come off your bicycle due to a pothole, a claim can be made against the Council responsible for the road in question.
  • If you are involved in an accident with a larger vehicle that may not stop post-accident, you may be able to pursue a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau(MIB) by visiting

Who will handle your case?

  • Derek Harte has specialised in representing cyclists for over 20 years.  Derek’s caseload has included high-profile and newspaper reported accidents, Derek has also represented a Triathlete who was knocked off his bicycle on an early morning training ride.  Please take a look at the client testimonial section of our website to see what Derek’s clients say about his expertise and service.

What will it cost?

We understand that returning both you and your bicycle to their respective pre-accident condition is paramount and that is why we ensure that when we represent you, you retain 100% of your compensation.  We are passionate about our bicycle accident cases and we are confident when negotiating with our opponents on your behalf, whatever the point in dispute.

  • While at the accident scene, ensure you make a note of the location, exact time, details of the other person at fault and any witnesses you need to rely on.  If you are using a helmet camera, please make sure a copy of the footage is taken and stored securely.
  • Where possible, take photographs of the offending vehicle and/or pothole.
  • Telephone us on 01344 512370 Ext 248 and speak with Derek for an initial discussion and advice as to how Ascot Lawyers may assist you.