Dispute Resolution

Disputes of any nature can be upsetting and frustrating, and can result in a considerable amount of time, money and effort being spent in order to find a resolution. Our solicitors are committed to gaining a full understanding of your situation, and can advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities from an objective viewpoint, to ensure that you take the actions that are in your best interests. We always aim to resolve disputes amicably, however if this is not possible or deemed inappropriate in the circumstances, we can also guide you through taking legal action. Ascot Lawyers specialise in dealing with the following types of dispute.

     Property Disputes

Property is often the biggest asset that an individual owns, and the costs and legal processes involved are significant. When buying, selling or renting a property, it is important to have the right advice regarding the title deeds, legal documents, the property itself, the land it is situated on, and any other tenants or residents. Unfortunately, there are many areas in which things can go wrong or crucial details can be overlooked, which can result in complex disputes and considerable financial losses. These issues can occur immediately, or later on in the future, for example when you come to sell your property.

Some common types of property disputes that we can assist with include the following.

  • Solicitors who have given poor advice during the sale or purchase of a property
  • Surveyors or estate agents who provide inaccurate valuations or fail to spot defects
  • Disagreements between parties in joint property ventures
  • Disputes regarding ownership or responsibility for property or land
  • Issues between landlords and tenants or problems with tenancy contracts

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     Building and Construction

Carrying out building work on a property can be complex, and there are many potential areas for dispute with builders, suppliers, engineers, local authorities or other nearby residents. When you enter into a contract with a builder or tradesman, they are under a legal obligation to carry out the repair, maintenance or construction work with reasonable skill and care, within the agreed time frame and cost. However, even small projects do not always go according to plan, and can encounter issues such as poor planning, unforeseen structural problems, poor workmanship, poor quality materials, unfinished work, and objections from local councils or neighbours. These issues can be extremely costly, and difficult to resolve with other parties who may have different perspectives or interests in the matter.

We can assist with many building and construction issues, including the following.

  • Builders who have left a project unfinished or in a substandard condition
  • Builders who have taken payment and failed to carry out agreed work
  • Tradesmen who have caused damage to property or contents during a project
  • Poor workmanship, materials, planning or project management
  • Failure to carry out necessary structural planning and checks

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     Contract Disputes

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties, outlining the terms of a transaction or arrangement such as employment, sale or provision of goods and services, tenancy, or a business investment. These can be straightforward or extremely complex, involving large sums of money or considerable terms, conditions and clauses.

Naturally, there are many different issues that can arise between parties, including a breach of the contact, disagreement about the content of the contract, changes in circumstances that affect the content of the contract, lack of clarity or differing interpretations of the contract terms, or determining the legal validity of the contract. Our solicitors have an in-depth knowledge of the construction of contracts and how they are enforceable by law, and can help you to understand your legal position regarding a contract dispute. We can also help you to find ways to resolve your dispute, including drafting new agreements or taking necessary legal action to protect your interests.

If you feel that you have had problems or incurred losses as a result of a poorly drafted contract, then the solicitor or legal professional who drafted it may be guilty of professional negligence.

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     Professional Negligence

When someone seeks the advice of a professional, such as an accountant, solicitor, architect, or any other role that requires specialist knowledge, the professional has a duty to provide the service with reasonable skill, care and expertise. If the service they provide does not meet the level expected in that field and you suffer a loss as a result, they may be responsible for that loss by law. This may be financial or non-financial, and may be apparent immediately or only after a period of time. For example, the effects of a poorly drafted will may only be discovered when the estate is being administered after death.

It may not always be clear whether the advice you have received has been negligent or inaccurate, as you have sought a specialist, professional service and it is not unreasonable to rely on the advice provided. Our solicitors can help  to identify whether the service you have received has been negligent and to quantify the loss or losses it has caused. Even if your loss is based on advice or a service received a long time ago, you are able to make a professional negligence case within three years of the time of your knowledge and understanding of the loss.

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