Motorbike Accident Claims

“It’s all about the bike”

At Ascot Lawyers we understand the importance of providing specialist advice and support to our motorbike accident clients.  Repairing or replacing your motorbike is of the utmost importance and that is why we prioritise this aspect of your claim.  You will be kept regularly informed of your claim’s progress as we understand that your motorbike is your pride and joy.  Replacing your helmet, leathers and damaged/destroyed clothing is equally as important from both your perspective and ours.

When you are represented by Ascot Lawyers you can be assured that you and your motorbike are our top priority.

We pride ourselves on investigating liability fully to ensure that we claim the maximum level of compensation possible, allowing for the circumstances.  We will assess your claim regularly to ensure that you are supported by the correct medical experts who can provide detailed evidence in support of the injuries you have sustained.  The medical evidence will also support other losses, including expenses such as loss of earnings and post-accident care and assistance provided by family members or others.  We will liaise with employers to formulate a loss of earnings claim, we also specialise in calculating losses for self-employed accident victims.

We will arrange vehicle inspections and we will negotiate the motorbike’s value and repair costs directly with the insurers, seeking interim payments at the earliest opportunity.  We have an excellent success rate against insurers and a reputation for educating insurers on motorbike liability cases.  We go the extra mile for our clients.

We understand that it is our role to ensure that the level of compensation recovered meets all of your current and future needs.

Who will handle your case?

Neil Somerville has specialised in representing motorbike riders for over 20 years and on a number of market leading motorbike accounts.  Neil has represented a vast number of bikers, achieving excellent settlements both pre and post litigation.

James Severs has specialised in motorbike accident claims for over 20 years, having previously worked on Yamaha and Ducati accounts.

Whoever handles your case will take the claim on from the outset and manage things all the way through to settlement, via litigation, if required.  Most importantly, you will have one single point of contact throughout.

Please feel free to browse the ‘our people’ section of the Ascot Lawyers website to find out further information about the lawyers named above.

What will it cost?

Returning both you and your motorbike to their respective pre-accident condition is of paramount importance and that is why we ensure that when we represent you, you retain 100% of your compensation.

Your next step?

  • Ensure that you are within the 3 year limitation period calculated from the date of the accident.
  • Telephone us on 01344 512370 Ext 248 for a discussion and for initial advice on how Ascot Lawyers can assist you.  Please feel free to email Neil directly at
  • Visit our website for more information.
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